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irish horse drawn caravans

Ireland in a Horse Drawn Caravan

On horse back and hors drawn caravan


The Irish countryside

The Irish countryside is as green as its reputation. Its 'forty shades of green' are spread over a landscape as varied as it is beautiful, featuring mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, valleys, woods and forests.

The horse-drawn caravan operators have chosen for their locations areas of Ireland that are especially attractive to the visitor.

Through the Irish Countryside.

Rural Ireland

Rural Ireland is uncrowded and unspoiled. The horse-drawn caravans travel through areas dotted with farms and villages. Here, farming families generally live on the land they work, visiting town or village to shop, to worship, and to enjoy the 'craic' in the local pub.

You become a part of this local scene during your holiday. You can park your caravan and shop at the country store, have a meal at the local restaurant or pub, or take in musical, sporting or other activities.

Ireland of the Welcomes

Map reading Irish style.Ireland is long renowned in song and story as the 'Ireland of the welcomes'. Irish people have a strong and old tradition of welcoming the stranger, and you will experience plenty of personal contact with the' local people.

Meet the People

The nature of the horse-drawn caravan holiday fosters this kind of contact; you meet and get to know the farmers at whose farms you park at night; you ask the way at the cross-roads, and you travel at a speed that encourages a chat with the man or woman whom you meet on the road or looking over the garden fence.


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